OB/GYN Affiliates of Denver Medical Group
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About Us

Mission & Philosophy

As a medical practice, our organization, operation, and management differ from most other commercial ventures in that we do not manufacture material goods for sale.  Rather, we provide a service to people who
are in need of medical assistance and guidance. Our mission is to improve the health of our community by creating an environment of education, compassion and respect while focusing on the needs of the patient. We do this through providing physician-directed health services in a sensitive, caring environment. Our intent is to deliver these services with the highest regard for quality and patient satisfaction. Of course, we must operate as an efficient, cost effective organization if we are to satisfy our mission and operate a successful organization. The reputation and success of OB/Gyn Affiliates of Denver is based on this mission. It is essential that all staff members incorporate this goal into their daily activities both individually and collectively. By following this philosophy, we can assure the continued superior level of service to our patients and success for the organization.


We believe that our physicians and staff are of the highest caliber. We ask that our staff take pride in their
work and that everyone treats the patient with the utmost respect. Together we can not only achieve our mission, but also provide one another with a fulfilling and rewarding employment experience.

"The recommendations and information provided by this Web site are for educational purposes only. This Web site does not contain comprehensive coverage
of the topics addressed, and is not a substitute for direct consultation with your health care provider. Always consult a physician regarding your specific condition. Trademarks referred to are the property of their respective owners."


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